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Tits Are Finally Here!

2009-08-17 02:28:10 by AwesomeX

After reaching sufficient hits on The Memories, I now present to you... EPIC TITS

Tits Are Finally Here!

R.I.P Billy Mays

2009-06-29 12:13:36 by AwesomeX

Billy Mays died yesterday morning in his home. He will be missed.
His Smile
An infectious Grin
Spanned across the networks
Loved by all who were in
Had you ignore all the quirks.

Rest In Peace.

Face to Face!

2009-06-12 23:35:33 by AwesomeX

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Fucking rock it to Face to Face by daft punk
Tried to find original music video but couldn't.


Alas my friends!

2009-06-10 19:20:40 by AwesomeX

Alas, you have listened to the song well enough to get the breasts you desire so dearly!


Alas my friends!

Cousin made a song!

2009-01-21 21:54:57 by AwesomeX

My cousin made a really cool song on guitar pro. Its really melodic and i like the way it transitions, have a listen and feel free to leave comments. Tits have been vanquished as i dont feel like putting them back up. if my cousin reaches 50 listens i may consider it :P

The Memories

I just had my two thousandth post 1202

the harmonica, with my dick

I fucking wasted it. Also tits on page 7 i think


2008-10-05 16:01:15 by AwesomeX

I made some shitty music for the adio portal, and someone downloaded it, go ahead and check it out, yo!

Cousin has a Site!

2008-07-26 05:57:54 by AwesomeX

Shameless promotion ahead:

My cousin got a new site to put his rants on, yes i know it looks like maddox but thats because it his inspiration. Also, he ruins this one guys shit and proves him completely wrong.

Forget the dash and its porn by the way.

I embedded a vid eh oh

2008-04-22 11:29:53 by AwesomeX

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Hey guys!

2007-11-25 10:51:06 by AwesomeX

Posting Every New Word In Capital Letters Is So Cool, I Am Going To Do It In Every Post I Make. It Makes It Harder To Read So More People Will Have To Pay Attention To What I Am Saying. Don't You Just Love It?